Waller Creek Bridge

Travis County

San Jacinto Bouleveard at Waller Creek, Austin, Texas


Closed spandrel arch bridge built in 1932. Exhibiting all the fancy stonework and monumentality of a nineteenth-century arch bridge, it is hard to believe that this structure was constructed during the 1930s, and mainly out of concrete. The core of this bridge is three reinforced concrete, closed-spandrel arches supported on concrete piers and abutments. The bridge's masonry appearance was achieved by facing the concrete with a veneer of shaped limestone blocks. The limestone displays a diversity of skilled stonework including its rough-cut voussoirs and uncoursed ashlar spandrel walls. The Langston Construction Company of Dallas built this bridge and another stone veneer structure in 1932 as part of a project to create a landscaped boulevard through the University of Texas campus in Austin. Fitting of a park boulevard, the bridges were faced with native cut-stone to improve their appearance and the beauty of the landscape.


© 2003 Historic Bridge Foundation. Photograph by Texas Department of Transportation.