Scott Avenue Bridge

Wichita County

Scott Avenue at the Wichita River, Wichita Falls, Texas


Spanning gracefully across the Wichita River, the Scott Avenue Bridge in Wichita Falls is one of only two known examples of a bridge designed by the Luten Bridge Company in Texas. The 276-foot long concrete arch bridge consists of three open rib spans supported on concrete piers and abutments. Each span has five individual ribs, stiffened near the springing line of the arch by "X" shaped diagonal struts. The bridge's railing continues the artistry of its structural system, with an urn-shaped, open balustrade divided into sections by sturdy concrete pedestals. Wichita Falls County built the Scott Avenue Bridge in 1927 as part of a citywide project to improve the flow of highway traffic through the city. The finished structure, with its City-Beautiful elements, reflected Wichita Fall's recent rise in stature as the financial
center of the North Texas oil industry.


© 2003 Historic Bridge Foundation. Photograph by Texas Department of Transportation.