Bridge Resources

Links – A list of links to state SHPOs, DOTs, FHWA office, and general historic bridge links.

Bridge Biographies – A repository for information and primary source materials relating to bridge companies, contractors, builders, and engineers.

Bridge Bibliographies – Books and other print publications relating to historic bridges.

David Fischetti Archive – An archive of David Fischetti’s architectural drawings of covered bridges.

Bridge Types – A brief field guide to basic bridge types.

Bridges in Film: Celluloid Connections: The Bridge in Cinema – A detailed paper by Chale Nafus

Bridges in the United States – A collection of links to websites about various historic bridges in the United States.

Bridges in Texas – A collection of photos and information for historic bridges in Texas.

Facebook Archives – A collection of detailed articles produced by the Historic Bridge Foundation that were posted on the Foundation’s Facebook page.