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From time to time, the Historic Bridge Foundation creates short articles relating to historic bridges and posts them on its Facebook page, along with supporting photos and images, such as “Did You Know” articles and “Focus Bridge” articles. Some of these articles offer information that may be of interest to researchers and enthusiasts, yet might get lost over time on Facebook’s timeline based layout. These articles have been compiled into this archive as downloadable PDF files for convenient viewing and easy access. Each PDF file contains the article followed by a series of pages showing the photos/images included with the article (typically one photo per page).

Available Articles

October 2021 – Did You Know: London Bridge, Lake Havasu

August 2021: Did You Know: Vertical Lift Bridges

July 2021: Focus Bridges: Mississippi River From Cairo to Chester

May 2021: Did You Know: Erie Canal Bridges

May 2021: Focus Bridges: Alabama

March 2021: Did You Know: Selma, Alabama

January 2021: Focus Bridges: Tampa, Florida

August 2020: Did You Know: Chicago Bridges, Crowd Control

May 2020: Did You Know: Unusual Railroad Bridge Projects, Krotz Springs

March 2020: Did You Know: Narrow Decks For Pedestrians

February 2020: Focus Bridge: Aetnaville Georgia Street Bridge

January 2020: Focus Bridges: New Croton Reservoir Bridges

November 2019: Did You Know: David B. Steinman

October 2019: Focus Bridges: Moseley Bowstring Bridges

September 2019: Did You Know: Load Ratings

July 2019: Did You Know: Bailey Bridges

June 2019: Focus Bridges: Bangkok, Thailand

March 2019 – Did You Know: Iron and Steel Mills

February 2019 – Did You Know: Chicago’s Joseph Strauss Bridges

January 2019 – Focus Bridges: Historic Bridges in Vietnam

November 2018 – Focus Bridges: Oregon Coast Highway Bridges

September 2018 – Did You Know: Superstructure and Substructure Dates

June 2018 – Focus Bridge: Bluff Dale Bridge

April 2018 – Did You Know: Mill Scale on Bridges

March 2018 – Focus Bridge: Bismarck Railroad Bridge

February 2018 – Focus Bridge: Capon Bridge, Capon Bridge, West Virginia

February 2018 – Focus Bridge: Rio Hondo Bridge, Lincoln County, New Mexico

December 2017 – Did You Know: United Kingdom Bridges

November 2017 – Focus Bridge: Little Harbor Bridge, New Castle, New Hampshire

October 2017 – Did You Know: China’s first double-deck bridge was designed by a Pittsburgh-educated engineer?

September 2017 – Focus Bridges: Firth of Forth Bridges

August 2017 – Did You Know: Budapest’s Bridges

June 2017 – Did You Know: AASHTO recommends pedestrian bridges be designed for a 90psf loading?

June 2017 – Focus Bridge: Frank J. Wood Bridge

May 2017 – Focus Bridge: Cotter Bridge, Arkansas

April 2017 – Did You Know: Bedstead Truss Bridges

February 2017 – Focus Bridges: Clifton Whipple Truss Bridge

December 2016 – Did You Know: Ellis Bridge

November 2016 – Did You Know: Big Four Railroad Bridge

November 2016 – Focus Bridges: Harahan Bridge

October 2016 – Spotlight: George S. Morison’s Surviving Bridges

September 2016 – Focus Bridges: The Great 1913 Flood

August 2016 – Did You Know… In the past, metal truss bridges were reconfigured and reused in some bizarre ways?

April 2016 – Focus Bridge: Adamsville Bridge

February 2016 – Did You Know… That once a year, Union Pacific Railroad lowers the historic Kinzie Street Railroad Bridge in Chicago for the sole purpose of preventing the bridge from being truly abandoned?

January 2016 – Focus Bridge: Larimer Avenue Bridge

December 2015 – Bad Repairs

November 2015 – Focus Bridge: Healdsburg Memorial Bridge

October 2015 – Did You Know… That a company named the Blaw-Knox Company played a critical role in the construction of many large and well-known concrete arch bridges?

July 2015 – Focus Bridge: Bend Road “Withington Ford” Bridge

June 2015 – Did You Know… the Tunkhannock Viaduct, the largest concrete bridge in the world when completed, celebrates its 100th Anniversary this year?

May 2015 – Focus Bridge: Lion Bridge

April 2015 – Did You Know… That rivets are a viable, cost-effective, safe, and historically correct fastener for use in the restoration of historic metal truss bridges and other historic metal bridge types?

March 2015 – Focus Bridges: Waco’s Highway Bridges

February 2015 – Did You Know… There is only one known surviving Page bascule in the United States, following the recent illegal scrapping of the Page bascule in Hammond, Indiana?

January 2015 – Focus Bridge: Caddo Lake Drawbridge

December 2014 – Did You Know… That Florida has a cast and wrought iron swing bridge?

September 2014 – Did You Know… One of the most unusual and significant truss bridges in the USA has two trusses in one?

August 2014 – Focus Bridge: Dodd Ford Bridge