McKee Street Bridge

Harris County

McKee Street at Buffalo Bayou, Houston, Texas


The McKee Street Bridge over Buffalo Bayou, represents an unusual design of a reinforced concrete girder bridge. The peculiar feature of this bridge are the girders, which rise above the roadway to form two swooping curves. The wavy profile is a result of designing the girders to follow the calculated bending moment curve. Technically, the two curves illustrate a reverse curve created by the intersection of two simple parabolas at point of tangency 15' away from the center of each support. Houston city engineer, J.G. McKenzie designed the bridge, which appeared in a 1932 issue of Engineering News Record. Today the McKee Street Bridge is painted in carnival colors, further accentuating its roller coaster-like profile.

View HAER Drawing of McKee Street Bridge.



© 2003 Historic Bridge Foundation. Photograph by Texas Department of Transportation.