Broad Street Bridge

Mason County

Broad Street spanning Comanche Creek, Mason, Texas


The Broad Street Bridge in Mason, is the only reinforced concrete truss bridge in Texas, and one of as mall number of known examples to exist in the United States. The 102-foot long bridge is composed of two truss spans, each measuring 51 feet in length and supported by concrete abutments and one intermediate pier. Each span is made of two simple truss units, essentially cast in a Howe truss form, with the diagonals in compression and the center redundant at the mid-span cross brace. Cantilevered brackets were slotted in the bottom chord to support a concrete sidewalk on each side of the bridge. The Alamo Construction Company, of San Antonio, constructed the bridge in 1918 for $9,000.00. One other known example of this type of concrete truss configuration exists in San Miguel County, New Mexico.

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© 2003 Historic Bridge Foundation. Photograph by Texas Department of Transportation.