Beveridge Bridge

San Saba County

San Saba, Texas


Photograph above by Billy Moore, LCRA.

Texas bridge builder Flinn-Moyer of Weatherford assembled this unique 140-foot structure in 1891, using iron pipes, rods and castings. (The three-pole pylons that are used for structural support were a company invention.) The bridge, which crosses the San Saba River just outside of town, is one of only two suspension bridges, in the state of Texas, that are still used by cars and trucks.

Names for John H. Beveridge, who established the first crossing at this location for the transport of local crops in to town. Has the trademark Flinn-Moyer tripod towers with cast-iron saddles supporting cables of galvanized wire. The towers are linked together by a series of smaller pipes creating an interesting visual effect.

The bridge has been reconstructed at least three times since 1896, the most comprehensive following the San Saba flood of 1938.

View a HAER drawing of Beveridge Bridge.

Photograph by Texas Department of Transportation.


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