Kelley Crossing Bridge

Caldwell County

Near Lockhart, Texas



This lenticular truss bridge was built in the 1890's by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company of East Berlin, Connecticut. Active between 1883 and 1900, most of Berlin's bridges were patented lenticular trusses and most were constructed of wrought iron. The company was a dominant fabricator throughout New England and New York. It also sold bridges in isolated pockets in Ohio and Indiana.

This bridge is part of the once substantially larger concentration of lenticular truss bridges surviving in south-central Texas. It was the remarkable salesmanship of Berlin Iron Bridge Southwestern Agent William Payson that made these the only lenticulars west of the Mississippi.

The bridge was repaired in 1902 by C.Q. Horton, Austin, Texas, agent for Chicago Bridge Company and in 1917 by Austin Brothers, Dallas, Texas.

This bridge is one of two lenticulars that survive in Caldwell County and one of a cluster of eight in Texas centered around San Antonio.


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© 2003 Historic Bridge Foundation. Photograph by Texas Department of Transportation.